Saturday, April 4, 2009

Late 2007/early 2008

During this time, Jeff put up walls in the room and celebrated his birthday by replacing the roof, with help from his dad and brothers. For a few months we had "exposed beams" in the kitchen and living room. Stay tuned for 2008: a year in review!

October 2007

In October, Jeff dug out a crawlspace under what will become the new room.

Then Jeff's brother came to help put in the floor joists.

Next came putting in insulation (made from scraps leftover from making blue jeans!) and laying the floor. Note the tarp sagging from the weight of all the pine needles!

Jeff l
ays the flooring.

September 2007

In September some friends came over to use the jackhammer to help remove the porch and walkway.

We moved what felt like several tons of concrete pieces using the wheelbarrow! Thanks, Gary and Wes!

Janna tried her hand at jackhammering...for about 10 seconds. That thing is heavy!